We're providing you with a great opportunity to socialise with fellow delegates, join break out bubbles and chat with fellow professionals around the world, an integral part of keeping our alliance a continued success.

These networking events will be held on each day of the conference in the form of coffee break ‘bubbles’ and cocktail hours to renew acquaintances, make new contacts, and pick up with old friends from around the world.

Check List

Make sure you:

1. Create your delegate profile inside the conference platform including your name, headshot and bio

2. Download the FAQ guide for Wonder and head over to Praxity's networking room

3. Join the conversation and create your avatar


To get the ball rolling and the conversation flowing, the first event will be held on the eve of the conference, on May 10, when delegates will be invited to bring a drink of their choice and head into some of the worlds greatest bars, hosted by a Praxity bartender.


During the conference connect with fellow delegates chat one to one, share contact details and invite them to meet up in Wonder during the coffee breaks or happy hour. Make sure its clear who you are by adding your information to your delegate profile inside the conference platform.